21 thousand tons of oil products were poured into the Arctic Taimyr and have destroyed the nature of this place for many decades. Oil was from the reservoirs of the company, which is part of the Norilsk Nickel structure
For several days, Russian officials were afraid to tell the Russian president about the catastrophic leak of toxic fuel in Norilsk. This fact exposes the incompetence of the Russian authorities.

“Well, so what, will we continue to learn about emergencies from social networks? Or are you not all right with your health?” – Vladimir Putin reported to the director of Norilsk-Taimyr Energy Company Sergey Lipin. Even at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian president was not as annoyed as at an emergency online meeting.

15 thousand tons of fuel spilled onto the ground and leaked into the soil. Another 6 thousand tons, according to rescuers, fell into the Ambarnaya river. Pollution reached the Kara Sea. The liquidation of the consequences of the accident in permafrost will last decades.

The catastrophe has occurred through global warming. The vault overturned because the raker piles, on which it was held, were driven into permafrost and dispersed. It happened because its upper layer began to melt and turn into a swamp.

Bad news reached Moscow in less than an hour. But none of the power hierarchy dared to report the disaster to Vladimir Putin. Because the country is preparing for a referendum on amendments to the constitution that will give Putin the right to rule the country forever. Therefore, in the information field of Russia there should be only “positive”.
But messengers awaiting bad news will be disgraced …