Vaccine bacchanalia and the readiness of the heads of budgetary organizations to fire employees for refusing to vaccinate with domestic developments is growing.

The Commission on Human Rights in Russia confirms the fact of the massive refusal of doctors to vaccinate “Sputnik V” and, accordingly, pressure from the authorities in Moscow polyclinics No. 3 and No. 2, as well as in many other medical institutions of the capital.

The mistrust of doctors in the domestic vaccine correlates with information received in October and early November from residents of million-plus cities: the desire to vaccinate began to decline in July and reached 36% in October, and in November residents of Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg expressed greater skepticism …

In addition to distrust of domestic developments, the growth of dissatisfaction was provoked by the Hottentot morality applied to Russian vaccines by the top management.

The refusal of the President and the leading minister for the fight against the epidemic Murashko from vaccination is becoming cloudy and inexplicable after a massive campaign to support domestic developments. The inability of Minister Murashko to fulfill the measures he himself developed to combat the COVID-19 epidemic is gaining confidence in government initiatives.

The highest ranks of the Russian government are not vaccinated but force the rest. Doesn’t look like self-sacrifice… Who is the next? Hungarians?