On July 9, the so-called “Kyiv District Court” in the city of Simferopol in Russian-occupied Crimea has ruled that two Crimean Tatars, namely Alim Sufyanov and Seyran Khayretdinov, who were detained during the July 7 searches, will remand in custody until September 9.

The hearings were held behind closed doors. However, over 100 people rallied outside the “court” building to support the Crimean Tatars.

Earlier, on July 7, the Russian occupying authorities detained seven Crimean Tatars, namely Emil Ziyadinov, Ismet Ibragimov, Alim Sufyanov, Seyran Khayretdinov, Oleksandr Sizikov, Vadym Bektemirov, and Zekyrya Muratov, after searches in four districts of the occupied peninsula.