“As in the previous three years, we will work together with our partners to ensure that human rights take their rightful place. To remind about the highest value of human life. To show that there are no “politicized” and so-called “real” topics. To reaffirm that New York and the Security Council cannot be self-sufficient without Geneva and the Human Rights Council.

Accordingly, the security agenda is inseparable from the human rights agenda as lasting peace, peaceful coexistence, and common prosperity is impossible without real steps to strengthen human rights and the rule of law. It is especially true against the background of how fundamental freedoms are violated in different parts of the world,” First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Emine Dzheppar posted on Facebook.

At the same time, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba tweeted that Russia, “a prominent human rights violator”, had also made its way to the UN Human Rights Council due to lack of competition in the East Europe group.

The Minister added that Ukraine will not allow Russia to abuse its HRC seat to cover up human rights violations.

“We will work to ensure that the Council genuinely protects those in need, not being a haven for impunity by allowing individual members, such as the Russian Federation, to misuse their election to the HRC for covering up their crimes against humanity, peace, and international security,” Dzheppar summed up.