Ukraine is ready to deepen systemic interaction with the United States, as well as with NATO, becoming its key ally in the Black Sea region for a more effective response to security challenges posed by Russia.

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Olga Stefanishyna said this during an online conference organized by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation (USUF).

“Ukraine is ready to be not only a partner of the United States but also one of its key allies in the Black Sea region, on NATO´s Eastern Flank,” Stefanishyna noted.

The Deputy PM noted that Ukraine plays an important role in the region, while a stronger and more systematic engagement with the United States and NATO would ensure its greater contribution to Black Sea security.

According to the diplomat, such an approach will also enable to effectively respond to the challenges of the de facto unilateral control by the Russian Federation over some parts of the Black Sea.

The USUF is a U.S. nonprofit, non-governmental organization with offices in Kyiv and Ukraine. The foundation’s programs are designed to foster a better understanding of Ukraine and its role on the global stage and to encourage mutual cooperation between Ukraine and the United States.