The Ukrainian delegation at the OSCE high-level seminar on military doctrines has spoken about external threats to the European and national security of Ukraine, coming from Russia.

The meeting, held via videoconference, was chaired by the United States mission.

The forecast of Ukrainian intelligence analysts suggests that “the Kremlin will pursue the tactics of ‘raising stakes’ in military-political confrontation, manipulate the issues of European security (exaggerating own role in countering uncontrolled migration flows, terrorist and cyber attacks), and also fuel disintegration of Europe (by financing populists and radicals and provoking economic separatism in individual EU states).

At the same time, Moscow will undermine the institutional component of the European security architecture, trying to induce international community, primarily the EU countries, to “jointly” work out options for legitimizing the existing de facto balance of power.

In order to ensure such developments, Russia will continue to impose phobias on European audiences, related to the deployment of the hi-end offensive weapons close to the EU borders.

Source – UNIAN