The US State Department on Thursday published a report on human trafficking in the world, which placed Russia in the “third category” of countries that do not meet the minimum standards for the elimination of slave labor.

Aligned with countries such as South Sudan, Papua New Guinea, and Afghanistan, Russia has been in the Tier 3 group for the seventh consecutive year.

“The function of any government is to protect rights, not suppress them,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, formally publishing the annual report on trafficking of human beings. The United States will not stand aside while some governments pursuing trafficking policies or schemes subject their citizens to similar harassment.”

According to international agencies, in Russia itself there are from 6 to 12 million foreign workers, mainly from the countries of the former USSR. About 3 million – are illegal migrants. Many of them are in conditions corresponding to slave labor.

They are deprived of documents, do not receive payment, are subjected to violence, and live in extreme poverty, and their children are forced to work in the informal economy.