The Russian Federation, which took over the baton of the architect of world chaos from the USSR trying to turn to advantage any phenomena of destabilization in any country.

From hacking sites of the Bundestag in Germany, hospitals for patients with coronavirus in the Czech Republic, and even participating in protests and mayhems in the USA. the Russian Federation intends to ward off suspicions from itself by blaming others for its actions.

And here comes to mind the story, promoted by Russian propaganda, about Ukrainian nationalists participating in, and almost managing, protests in other countries.

Four Ukrainians appeared against the backdrop of the protests in Hong Kong in 2019, with a large number of unequivocal tattoos and T-shirts with the caption “Who ordered Katya Gondziuk?” became the heroes of the Russian media. It would seem like a drop in the bucket, but Ukrainian diplomats had to answer many unpleasant questions posed by Beijing officials.

The other day, NATO announced the inclusion of Ukraine in the expanded program of capabilities of the North Atlantic Alliance. Considering how painfully the Kremlin reacts to any rapprochement between Ukraine and NATO, it will not be so strange if young people with characteristic tattoos and t-shirts will be found against the backdrop of protests in the USA or the EU, and will “commit some absurd stupidity”.

Although Russian agents from among all kinds of radicals and neo-Nazis in the field can simply use various attributes related to Ukraine or another country, just like in Libya in a mosque, to paint the walls.
Well, then everything is as smooth as silk. After all, the possibilities of Russian state propaganda are almost limitless.