Russian propagandists are working according to classic templates. However, they are so predictable and repetitive in their actions. That speaks about their stupidity and laziness.

Well, let’s go back to the beginning of April 2020. Yes, it is almost a year ago, as near as damn day-to-day. Russian terrorists in the territory of Donbas (part of Ukraine that is occupied by the Russian Federation since 2014) raised a yowl about a murder. They reported that “a local woman was killed from a drone near Horlivka-city”. It all began with the statements of the so-called mayor of Horlivka, then ecclesiastic-apostate from Horlivka got in process and wrote an appeal to the President of Ukraine. Then Pushilin (leader of Russian terrorists in Donbas), indistinctly tried to demand something and draw attention to him.

Then the separatists were better prepared to create fakes, they even had a photo of the victim. Actually, the photo showed a car, an empty beer bottle inside the car, but the victim was not visible – they blurred it in Photoshop so that the credibility of the photo immediately began to raise doubts. As it turned out later, there was a victim, but she died as a result of the dubious sexual desires of the “DPR militias”, who called her out for sexual services. It possible, that they did not agree in the payment but it does not matter anymore. The main thing is that the Russian terrorists killed her, and then decided to solve the problem no other way than to blame everything on Ukrainian soldiers. Just as they always do.

And what happened yesterday (April 3, 2021) – ATTENTION, PATTERN OF RUSSIAN HYBRID WAR AND DISINFORMATION!
Try to find the difference, we will help you. So, in early April (the first coincidence), a statement was made that civilians (the second coincidence) suffered from a drone (the third coincidence) near Donetsk (the fourth coincidence – all in the Russian-occupied territory), again the terrorist leader Pushilin is spluttering something there (fifth coincidence).

This time propagandists from Moscow came up with an idea to make everything better – now there are two victims, one of them is a child (sixth coincidence – remember the fake about “boy in panties” from 2014). But because of their stupidity, the propagandists ruined everything – they even showed a photo of a child who died sore years ago.

It even awfully to imagine what really happened there – if generalize with the last time. What we know exactly is that we will never hear the truth from Russia.

What wrong with Russians once they decided to carry out such a primitive propagandistic operation. All chances were only for a time – weekends – when people are resting and you can try to spread your dirty lie behind their backs.

It was a complete failure. Another, but not the last one. And this is Russia as it is and this is its dirty game, hybrid war, Russian misinformation and propaganda.