Russian propagandists have recently published news about the alleged murder of a 5-year-old boy in the village of Oleksandrovske by servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They claim that the cause of death of the boy was ammunition dropped from an unmanned aerial vehicle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Propagandists use the photo of Ivan Ermilov killed by the Russian shell near Kondrashevskaya Novaya station in 2014 as the main confirmation of the recent tragedy.

Russian media continue to spread fakes and perform manipulations, accusing the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The actions of these bloody propagandists resemble the provocations carried out by Nazi Germany on 31 August 1939. The servicemen of Nazi Germany, who attacked the German radio station, posed as Polish nationals. The main aims of these provocations were to justify the invasion of Poland and start the Second World War. Times have changed, but manipulation methods remain unchanged.

Will the recent provocation serve as the justification for Russia to invade Ukraine overtly and start the Third World War?