The Russian Federation continues to actively deploy troops to the border with Ukraine. This suggests that the aggressor plans to launch an open offensive very soon.

Such a development would result in hundreds of thousands of deaths as well as millions of refugees. EU countries have not yet fully recovered from the influx of 4.8 million Syrian refugees from the country of 22.5 million people. People have been forced to flee their own homes and travel to the nearest border with minimal possessions. Women with babies, the elderly, people with disabilities, etc.

If war is declared, millions of Ukrainians will be forced to flee the country and Europe will be their only destination. Comparing the population of Syria and Ukraine, it can be predicted that the flow of Ukrainian refugees will be more than 10 million people.

This can be avoided by reacting in time to the situation that is developing. By strengthening sanctions against the aggressor now, we will preserve a peaceful future!