According to a study conducted by the State Institute for Drug Control of the Slovak Republic, the Russian vaccine Sputnik V purchased by the previous government is not identical to the one approved by the scientific journal “The Lancet”.

Slovak experts could not recommend vaccinating the population with the Russian vaccine because of insufficient information about it. This is a joint position of the State Institute for Drug Control and the Ministry of Health of Slovakia.

The State Institute for Drug Control has stated that the Russian vaccine has been tested for sterility, transparency, color, abnormal toxicity, specific activity, absence of visible mechanical impurities, protein concentration, and appearance. However, it is not possible to provide a conclusion on the effectiveness of the drug and its safety based only on these indicators.

It is also noted that Slovak experts have not even received all the documents on the production or safety of the vaccine sold by the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic has already asked another laboratory to carry out additional verification of the purchased Russian vaccine Sputnik V. The results of the verification will be known in a few days.