The European Union will never recognize the results of the Russian elections in Crimea, which is part of Ukraine, and is concerned about the deliberate actions of the Russian government that handed out Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens in the temporarily occupied territories in the run-up to the Russian State Duma elections. EU spokesman Peter Stano said this at a press briefing in Brussels.

“We will never recognize the elections in illegally annexed Crimea because Crimea is Ukraine. We are also concerned by the fact that citizens of Ukraine and population from Ukrainian territories in the east, which are currently not under the control of the legitimate Ukrainian government, have been given russian passports in order to participate in these Russian elections. This runs counter to the spirit of the Minsk agreements, and this runs counter to the objectives of the Minsk agreements.                         

We call on Russia and we expect Russia to refrain from actions that go against the commitments stemming from the Minsk agreements,” Stano said.