Ukraine is negotiating with the UK to buy missiles for ships and aircraft. It is planned that Britain will provide surface-to-surface missiles for Ukrainian patrol boats. This was reported by The Times.

The two countries are also discussing Brimstone air-to-ground missiles for Ukrainian aircraft.

It is estimated that they will cost 100 thousand pounds each. These missiles can hit small fast-moving targets and be used on British RAF fighters against the terrorist organization Islamic State.

For the first time, Britain is negotiating with Ukraine on the sale of lethal weapons. Negotiations are taking place against the background of Ukraine’s fears that Russia may intensify aggression and seize new territories after the launch of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

There are fears that Russia is planning a winter military operation that could escalate tensions in Donbas and have unpredictable consequences for the security of the whole Europe, a Ukrainian diplomat, whose name was not disclosed, told the newspaper.

The Ukrainian diplomat said that any escalation of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine would have “unpredictable consequences” for European security.

The main reason Russia did not try to seize most of Ukraine was because it depended on the country, which was a transit country for its gas pipelines to Europe, and because of resistance from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

However, Russia’s Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline will redirect gas flows, so Europe will be completely dependent on Moscow for gas supplies.