In Russia, methane leaks are increasing, but the government is hiding data on leaks, manipulating indicators and has no plans to reduce natural gas production on outdated infrastructure.
The geoanalytic company Kayrros, which monitors the world’s toxic gas emissions, has recorded that a large-scale accident occurred 490 miles east of Moscow, which Gazprom is hiding.
The satellites used by the company can provide real-time evidence of mass unregistered methane leaks. Such information can help bring polluting companies to justice or expose governments that hide or ignore hazardous emissions.
The situation with hidden methane emissions in Russia will be considered at the UN climate summit. The main thesis of the demands will be to persuade Russian President Putin to close the leaking pipelines and abandon plans to increase natural gas exports.
Despite clear violations of the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Gazprom has no plans to suspend natural gas production.