The anniversary of the insidious firing by Russian Army across the border near Zelenopillia

Today, July 11, Ukraine commemorates the 5th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war. On the night of July 10-11, a unit of Russian artillery equipped with jet-propelled missiles opened fire on the Ukrainian troops near the village of Zelenopillia in the Luhansk region. The fire was opened treacherously, from the Russian territory, and caused a heavy damage to the Ukrainian troops. Thirty Ukrainian Army servicemen and 6 border patrol troops lost their lives.

This even can be regarded as the first case when regular Russian army units attacked Ukraine directly, without even crossing the Ukrainian border being masked as “hybrid” armed groups. Since then, the shelling of the Ukrainian territory from the Russian territory became routine. The rocket fire was controlled with the help of Russian UAV Orlan-10.

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