Hunt for Javelin in Ukraine

Recently, has appeared information that the Russian special services are hunting for American anti-tank complexes “Javelin”, which, as part of military-technical assistance, handed over to Ukraine.

This was announced by the military expert Timofey Golts, the International center for countering Russian propaganda reports.

The falling of such modern anti-armored equipment systems into the hands of the Russians can bring not only dividends for the creation and development of such systems of their own by Russia (we remember that the Russians do not know how to produce anything, most of the weapons and military equipment were stolen and appropriated by them).

The use of stolen ATGMs is possible by the Russians in other areas of hostilities, or on the territory of Ukraine itself, or, among other things, provoking the intensification of hostilities against Ukraine. After all, no one is stopping the Russian GRUs from destroying the armored personnel carriers of the Russian marines on Chongar during the rotation of the forward units and blaming the Ukrainian paratroopers. Or to hit the Hungarian border guards in Transcarpathia with the Javelin ATGM and provoke interstate complications on the western borders of Ukraine.

There is another option – demonstration to the world community that Ukraine is an unreliable partner in the field of military-technical cooperation and cannot keep modern weapons and military equipment with it. That, at least, will affect the image of our country in the world and weaken the position in the world arms market, will lead to significant financial losses.

Thus, the option of hunting for Javelin ATGMs by Russian special services is considered, including using their agents among the citizens of Ukraine. I think that our specialists of the relevant forces also take into consideration such options and work ahead of the curve.

A good example of such proactive work is the neutralization of one of the operations of the Russian special services, which took place in 2014.

In May-July 2014, the Russians hunted aircrafts and helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result of such hunt, on July 17, 2014, a tragedy occurred with the MH-17 board, when Russian anti-aircraft missile officers with the use of BUK-M1 complex shot down civilian liner. It was confused with the Ukrainian military transport aircraft.

Earlier, in May of the same year, Russians tried to shoot down planes at the airfield in the city of Kramatorsk. The story of their neutralization became an example of the first successful actions of the Ukrainian special forces. Having calculated the possible actions of the enemy, the bindings for the successful launch of missiles at air targets, the soldiers of Ukraine made an ambush on the territory of the Kramatorsk cemetery. Exactly such position was convenient for the enemy to shoot down an aircraft coming in for landing or taking off. The result of the ambush was the destruction of the MANPADS operator, the driver and the capture of two propagandists of the Russian Federation – Life News journalists Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Saychenko.

These propagandists, adapted to the correspondents of the Russian television channel Life News, were preparing for filming destruction of the Ukrainian plane. In addition, they had videos of the murders of Ukrainian soldiers by Russian mercenaries. Ukraine remembers how in 2014 enemy saturated the information space of our state with emotional illustrations of the failures of the Ukrainian army. Video materials of the death of our soldiers will certainly negatively affect the personnel of the troops and the population, reducing the psychological stability and readiness to carry out certain combat missions.

This sample of weapons fell into the hands of the Russians as a result of the active phase of the 2008 Russian-Georgian war. At the same time, other samples of weapons and military equipment in service with NATO countries fell into the hands of the invaders. In most cases, Russians use them in the exercises were some units often “play” for the enemy of the airborne troops. But subsequently, these samples of weapons and military equipment are used at the right time in the right place.

In 2014, such time and place came. According to this Polish-made MANPADS, the Russians tried to destroy the Ukrainian plane. By such actions, the enemy sought to draw the Polish side into the conflict, demonstrating Poland’s inability to control the proliferation of weapons in the world and participation in supporting illegal armed groups. Perhaps there was another interpretation – support by one or another representative of the Republic of Poland of the anti-Ukrainian movement in the East of our country, that is, some kind of internationalization of the liberation struggle of the “people of Donbass”.

However, such attempt was a failure and precisely because of the actions of the Ukrainian special forces. Russians did not receive any informational dividends, except for the glorification of their propagandists, whom the Ukrainian side, knightly, immediately sent home. By the way, it should be noted how actively the entire propaganda machine of the Kremlin got involved in freeing its bloody propagandists: from supporting Russian statesmen to publishing photos with a hashtag. That gave the result – the citizens of Russia, who were preparing to make a video of the murder of citizens of Ukraine, were released by our state without any conditions.

Today, Russian propaganda needs Javelin. And the enemy does not hide it. On the pages of the online edition of the Russian intelligence service “Voennoye Obozreniye”, on March 24, 2019, an article was published “In Russia there is a chance to get” Ukrainian “FGM-148 Javelin”, where the enemy points out: “… At least with the aim that parts of Javelin DO NOT ended up in one of the Ukrainian online stores. But against the background of the pre-election and, probably, post-election confusion and vacillation in Ukraine, there is still a chance to obtain American-made complexes that have ended up in service with the Ukrainian army. “

At the same time, it is not excluded that Russians already have a Javelin sample in their hands. So, in 2018, the Russian edition of Freedomnews circulated an article “Russia managed to seize the American Javelin ATGM”. Of course, you should not believe the enemy, but it is difficult to predict possible further scenarios for the development of events. The ability of Russians to conduct information campaigns in a mobile manner and to change the information trend and accents in a timely manner is observed. Therefore, you should calculate all possible scenarios.

As a conclusion, it can be noted that the Russian side is interested in the capture of the third-generation Javeline anti-tank systems of American production on the territory of Ukraine and on the territory of Syria. Militants “and business” can have Javeline ATGM samples. Iraq army personnel captured only one sample of American-made ATGM systems in the direction where Iraq tank units were used during the offensive. Probably, the servicemen of the Russian Federation in Syria failed to capture the Javeline ATGM. At the same time, Russian authorities are conducting an extensive information campaign to discredit the technical capabilities of the American ATGM and the expediency of transferring them to Ukraine to resist Russian aggression.

A successful provocation with Javelin can bring considerable advantages to the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the leading countries of the world. After all, it is always more profitable for Russians to destroy civilian equipment, for example aircraft, with non-Russian / Soviet weapons for the success of a “hybrid” war. Then there will be no need to bear legal and human responsibility at the international level. On the contrary, it will bring incredible impact on the target state.

Remember this.


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