Russia is trying to avoid punishment for war crimes

On June 25, Russia announced that it had withdrawn from a UN voluntary agreement aimed at protecting hospitals and humanitarian aid supplies to Syria from being hit by the warring parties.

Russia made a decision after an internal investigation was carried out in the United States in April that revealed that the Syrian government and its allies attacked three health facilities and a school and a shelter for children in northwestern Syria last year, reports agency Reuters.

“If Russia believes that this will help them avoid responsibility for war crimes, they are completely wrong,” said Luis Charbonneau, director of Human Rights Watch at the UN. “We and other groups will continue to investigate and document intentional hospital bombings and other serious crimes in Syria.”

As it turned out, it was a preamble to action. Less than a day later, Russian mercenaries with PMC “Wagner” made 4 attempts to break through the rebel defense in Benin. All attacks were repelled.

“With the onset of darkness, Asadites, Iranians, and Russians sharply intensified their attacks on Revich and Benin. It is expected that the enemy will try to break through the defenses in Jabal-Zawiya,” – the Kavkaz Center reports.


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