Sanctions against the Lukashenko’s regime. Russia is losing money…

The EU approved the third package of sanctions against the Belarusian regime. Similar measures against the official Minsk are being prepared in the United States.

On November 25-26, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will visit Minsk, since the economic sanctions of the West against Belarus directly hit Russia.

The third package of EU sanctions for Minsk is not only the expansion of personal sanctions against Belarusian officials, but also punishment for the “regime’s wallets”, businessmen who support Lukashenko with a ruble.

Considering that many Russian entrepreneurs conduct court business in Belarus and at the same time their interests are related to the EU market, facing the prospect of blocking their European accounts is clearly not part of their plans.

In addition, besides the collapse of the previous gray schemes for bypassing international sanctions against Russia through Minsk, it will be necessary to actively subsidize the increasingly unviable economy of Belarus.

The Kremlin has every reason to fear that the ally will cost more and more.


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