Avoid responsibility for war crimes

Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a bill to the Russian State Duma that proposes to withdraw Russia’s recognition of the International Commission for the Investigation of Humanitarian Law Violations during international military conflicts.
Obviously, there is a panic in Moscow, or at least an understanding of the potential responsibility for crimes in the course of Russian aggression against foreign states.

Therefore, Russian deputies decided that recognition of the commission wasn’t possible, and in accordance with part 3 of article 104 of the Russian Constitution, they considered a draft federal law on the withdrawal of an application recognizing the competence of the International Commission to establish facts of war crimes and protect victims of international armed conflicts.

This means that Russia is trying to evade responsibility for guaranteeing the observance of the rights of the civilian population, the humane treatment of prisoners of war, and the preservation of the vital structure in the occupied territories. And, most importantly, it is about unconditional cooperation in the criminal prosecution and extradition of war criminals.


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