Foreigners in Ukraine have a future. For dissidents procedure for getting Ukrainian citizenship is simplified

According to estimates, in Ukraine today there are about a thousand foreign volunteers from Georgia, Croatia, Chechnya, Russia, Belarus and other countries that have fought in the Volunteer Battalion since the beginning of Russia war against Ukraine. Among them, most have the goal to combat the criminal Russian regime, because of its encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia, as well because of Putin’s struggle with dissidents in Russia. Behind each of them – a bitter experience, each have its own reasons, in particular some were directly victims of Russian Federation armed aggression against theirs own states, and others were subjected to abuse and torture in the Russian Federation because of their anti-Putin beliefs.

Today their sacrifice to Ukraine is difficult to overestimate. However, the stay of these citizens in the territory of Ukraine is semi-illegal, and their status is uncertain.

Russian citizen Oleg Butusin has been trying to get Ukrainian citizenship for four years. Back in 2013, Oleg’s son, because of his father’s political convictions, suffered a spinal injury from Russian law enforcement officers, and other Oleg’s younger children were removed from his family. Confident in his correctness, Butusin “decided to stand on the side of truth and God,” so he brought the family to Ukraine. His wife and children, what are twelve in the family, were granted Ukrainian citizenship because his wife’s father was Ukrainian.

In January 2015, Russian joined the Right Sector Volunteer Corps, in which more than a year fight against Russian armed forces, and Russian mercenary terrorist’s aggression on Donbas.

Large family settled in (Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine. The local government took the family on an apartment account, helped to buy the house and to get documents for it, take the kids to school and kindergarten, built the road to housing. Also neighbors, who are extremely warm to the family for theirs humanity and willingness, have helped. The Butusiny family also built a house and utility rooms themselves, engaged in livestock breeding and farming. In general, according to the villagers and the local authorities, this family is prosperous; the only problem is the uncertain status of the head of the family.

Now Oleg Butusin has the status of “Person who needs additional protection”. He claims that many of his foreign counterparts would also be happy to have such an ID card. Until recently, in order to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, a foreigner or a stateless person had to file a declaration of absence of foreign citizenship or an obligation to terminate such, in addition, to reside continuously in the territory of Ukraine for 5 years, to obtain a permit for emigration and to prove the presence of legal sources existence, and this is not yet a complete list of requirements. Based on the documents collected and the application to the State Migration Service of Ukraine at the place of residence, the foreigner or stateless person waited for a decision within a year.

Separately, about Russians such as Oleg Butusin, the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky said: “We understand the complexity of the political state of the Russian Federation and want to help the Russians who are persecuted because of their political convictions. So now you do not need to revoke Russian citizenship to obtain Ukrainian. It is enough to apply for Ukrainian citizenship.”

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered the bill N3433, which simplified the granting of citizenship of Ukraine to foreigners and stateless persons who participated in the protection of the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. From the moment of publication of the law, such persons, if they have a temporary residence permit, will be able to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. They will not be subject to compulsory residence for five years in the territory of Ukraine, compulsory migration permit, and command of the state language. These persons are not subject to the requirement to terminate their foreign citizenship in the event of obtaining Ukrainian. It will be enough for them to provide a declaration of waiver of the citizenship of another state.

Therefore, the last large factor, which caused uncertainty in the future, disappeared from the large Ukrainian Butusiny family, and the state will receive a new citizen who, by his soul and body, proved by his actions that he is worthy of becoming a citizen of Ukraine.


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