Putin is really out of mind?!

Putin – he’s afraid, he’s scared, he’s alone. The Hague ghost becomes more and more real to him. He understands this well and therefore is threatening the world to use the nuclear button. As long as he is in power, the threat of nuclear war will only grow. The regime wants to negotiate with it, and it forces the world community with different methods – saying, you do not want to sit at the negotiating table, you will be worse off.

Putin is inadequate. He always approaches the Western world “edges of patience” breaks them and then steps back, finding the reaction. He looks for weaknesses and misses and offers to bargain. Bluffs with rates provoke – tests and intimidate.

The delicacy with the Kremlin regime is unacceptable. After all, the war does not begin on the battlefield, but in the brains of its future participants. The world community must start to act hard on Russia, use not only political concern. After all, military blackmail games inevitably end in a bloody massacre?!!


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