USSR in the League of Nations

At the end of 1939, 40 nations of the world were members of the League of Nations, and for some reason there were no leading political players at the time, such as the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan.

On September 15, 1934, at the initiative of France, 30 member states of the organization appealed to the leadership of USSR to join the League of Nations.

On September 18 of that year, the proposal was accepted and the Soviet Union became a permanent member of the organization. After joining the League, USSR actively cooperated with various committees on a wide range of international issues to the start of the 1939 Finnish Campaign.

The reason for the expulsion of the USSR from the League of Nations was the mass protests of the public about the artillery shelling and bombing by Soviet aviation of civilian objects. Pictures of destroyed city blocks, mass deaths among civilians were published the front pages of world’s newspapers. A similar scenario is used by Russia against Ukraine in the Donbas.

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is based on the scenario of the Soviet-Finnish conflict of the 1939-40s and is the prototype of a “hybrid war”. Stalin and Molotov created a puppet “Republic of Finland” in occupied Karelia and called the conflict a civil war and help to the “new state” eliminate the effects of the rule of the previous authority.

The direct analogy with the current events in the Donbas is traced. The decision of the League of Nations about excluded Russia from its organization and help to Finland in 1939 is duplicated by UN resolutions and deprivation of Russia’s right to vote in PACE 2014 for aggression against Ukraine. Then the heroism of the Finnish army saved the independence of this distinctive young state, similar events are taking place today in Eastern Europe.

In 1946, at the last meeting of the League of Nations, then its chairman Gabro was forced to read out a laudatory salute to the Soviet dictatorship, which he called as criminal seven years earlier. Russia’s return to the PACE and other international institutions suggests that “It is worth repeating the historical mistakes of the past?”…


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