Vilnius: Liberation or occupation?!

The Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Ministry has protested Russia’s intention to celebrate the Vilnius “liberation”, and that is for calls Russian ambassadors and diplomatic representatives for speaking.

Fact is known that after the Soviet army expelled Nazi German troops in summer 1944, the USSR’s occupation structures were created and operated in Lithuania, as well as in all over occupied territories. Then, Lithuanian people repression and exile started, which destroyed the national elite and brought the country half a century back.

Russia’s decision to mark Vilnius’s “liberation” using artillery salutes is unacceptable to Lithuania. Such a move is so cynical and provocative especially in the context of the 80th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which created the preconditions for World War II start and the Lithuania occupation.

The Baltic countries have once again called Russia to refuse a selective approach to World War II history and to end the denial of these countries occupation during the Soviet era. Applauding the Nazism defeat, Lithuania once again reminds the world that for Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, the restore of freedom and independence occurred 45 years later, because the Red Army invasion means the resumption of Soviet occupation.


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