Russia absorbs Belarus

22 September 2019 0

Russian media reported on the creation of a so-called “Union State” of Russia and Belarus by 2022, which look like a confederate state and, in the future, probably Belarus will become Russian autonomous part. It can be approved that this level of state integration is much deeper than in the EU. Step by step integration […]

Ukrainian Armed Forces preparing for disengagement of troops along entire contact line in Donbas

19 September 2019 0

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing for the disengagement of troops along the entire contact line in Donbas, Joint Forces Operation (JFO) Commander Lieutenant General Volodymyr Kravchenko has said. He said this at a meeting with UNDP Resident Representative in Ukraine Osnat Lubrani, the JFO headquarters reported on its Facebook page on Wednesday. In particular, […]

USSR in the League of Nations

18 September 2019 0

At the end of 1939, 40 nations of the world were members of the League of Nations, and for some reason there were no leading political players at the time, such as the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan. On September 15, 1934, at the initiative of France, 30 member states of the organization appealed […]

OHCHR records 3,339 civilian casualties in Donbas since 2014

18 September 2019 0

The total civilian death toll of the conflict in Donbas reached at least 3,339 as of August 15, 2019. Head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine Matilda Bogner stated this while presenting a report on the human rights situation in Ukraine between May 16 and August 15, 2019. “Between 16 May and 15 August […]

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