Russia deploys nuclear-capable ballistic missile launchers near Ukraine border, satellite imagery proves

18 January 2019 0

Satellite images shot Thursday and obtained exclusively by Fox News have revealed a new Russian deployment of Iskander missile batteries and launchers near the border with Ukraine. The intelligence report by Imagesat International showed the new deployment in Krasnodar, 270 miles from the border with Ukraine. The images show an Iskander compound, with a few […]

Why Ukraine Challenged Russia at the Kerch Strait

4 January 2019 0

What Happened The Russian-Ukrainian dispute over maritime access through the Kerch Strait escalated on Nov. 25 when paramilitary forces from the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) disabled, boarded and captured two small Ukrainian naval vessels and a tugboat attempting to pass through the strait. Six of the 24 Ukrainian crew members detained by Russia were […]

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