Ukraine calls on OSCE to respond to killing of doctor in Donbas

Ukraine has called on OSCE participating states to respond to the killing by Russian occupation forces of a Ukrainian combat medic during an evacuation operation in Donbas, which constitutes a war crime, Deputy Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the International Organizations in Vienna Ihor Lossovskyi has said.

He said that Ukrainian servicemen had previously received security guarantees from the Russian occupation forces and an obligation to cease fire in the area of Zaitseve (Zhovanka) between 14:00 and 18:00 Kyiv time on July 13.

“However, during the evacuation of the body of the killed Ukrainian serviceman, an unarmed evacuation group, consisting of representatives of the JCCC with the corresponding white ‘JCCC’ signs, was ambushed by the armed formations of the Russian occupation forces,” the diplomat said.

He informed foreign diplomats that representatives of the Russian armed formations had opened fire on the evacuation group. As a result, a medic was killed and two other servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were wounded in the attack. The medic’s body also remained in territory not controlled by the Ukrainian government and had to be evacuated.

“This murder has all the hallmarks of a war crime,” Lossovskyi said.



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