Iran acknowledged UIA crash when Ukrainian experts determined the cause.

Ukrainian experts were the first to find elements of a rocket that shot down the Ukraine International Airlines plane in Tehran. It was told by the director of the Kiev Research Institute of Forensic Sciences Alexander Ruvin, – the press service of the Institute reported.

According to him, on January 9, it was not possible for Ukrainian experts to make any conclusions, because the Iranian side used a bulldozer to rake all the wreckage of the aircraft into one hangar. The next day, experts arrived at the crash site, where they saw many Iranians literally pulling apart the remains of the aircraft and personal belongings of passengers. On this day, January 10, a Ukrainian group tried to reconstruct the plane.

“When we laid out everything, we saw: the lower part of the plane is completely absent, and there is also no cabin. The aircraft cabin was then taken to us, also there were no pilots seats.” – said Ruvin.

On the same night, a group of Ukrainian experts managed to find aircraft parts, damaged by the rocket. Representatives of the Iranian authorities immediately came to the place and didn’t let anyone else in there.

“They looked at us, asked to stop filming, not to shoot on mobile phones and said that we will deal tomorrow. The next morning at 9 o’clock we came, but we didnt get the permission to be in there. They let us in after 11 hours and it was officially announced that the plane was shot down by the Iranian Air Force missile” – the director of the institute summed up.


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