Captive for art!

In August 2014, Donetsk artist Sergei Zakharov got to the “DPR” prison for posting caricatures of terrorists in occupied Donetsk, including Strelkov and Motorola.

 In the cellars of pro-Russian militants, he spent a month and a half, where he got his ribs broken and thrice taken out for execution.

After his release, Zakharov decided to write a book about life in the DPR with the title “Hole”. The drawings, which formed the basis of the narrative, tell about what he experienced. Endless beating, torture and imitation of executions.

It can be noted that despite the fact that in August 2014, when part of the Donbass was already occupied by Russia, Zakharov, living in Donetsk, was not afraid to express his pro-Ukrainian views. On the contrary, he carried out and showed his drawings on the crowded Donetsk streets, knowing that this would end with torture and torment.

Zakharov fought with the means and tools that he owned. Thus, he did this not only for himself, but also for people who understand that they are not alone in the city, that among all these zombies there are still normal people.

What he accomplished is a civil feat, and the fact that he remained alive is a real miracle.



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