MH-17 investigation: JIT provided new evidence on Russia’s guilt

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) published new wiretaps concerning MH17 downing criminal investigation. They include such surnames as Shoigu, Surkov and Bortnikov…Telephone interceptions give a clear understanding, that Russia completely controlled the process of invading the territory of Ukraine – both in the military sense (sending the militaries and armament through the FSB and the GRU), and in the political one (sending leaders from Moscow for the DPR, LPR government).

“The influence of the Russian Federation extended to administrative, financial and military issues in the DPR. In July 2014, the DPR leadership kept calling almost daily with representatives of Russia. Conversations took place mainly through telephones provided by the FSB” – the JIT report mentioned. JIT claims that all this plays an important role in the context of how the «Buk» surface-to-air missile (SAM) appeared in the DPR and how it was used downing the Boeing, and recalls that the Buk was delivered by 53 anti-aircraft missile brigade based in Kursk.

The Kremlin’s influence on the processes in the DPR is confirmed by many interceptions. The so-called Prime Minister of DPR Alexander Boroday in a phone conversation stated: “I follow orders and protect the interests of only one state – the Russian Federation.”  But he was dissatisfied in the conversation with his appointment: “Moscow arranged a surprise for me. Do you know who will be our prime minister?!  – It doesn’t matter. – It does! Because I will be! But I didn’t want!”

In another conversation a militant with the call sign “Mongol” informed commandant of Makeyevka that “people with powers from Shoigu will arrive”, specifying that these people “kick the f***ing local field commanders out of the units”, and the “Moscow guys” will accept command” This conversation shows that if there was some kind of civil war in Ukraine, it was between the separatists, who were subordinate to different groups of Russian security forces and constantly eliminated each other.

Most often, militants discussed issues with the Kremlin using encrypted communications provided by the FSB. The problem is that they discussed the encrypted communication through the decrypted chanels. The founder and first head of the DPR military intelligence Dubinsky Sergey in the conversation mentioned: “What about the fact that we have these phones, you know which are for special communications? Via the internet. Closed. They are special phones. You won’t buy them. They go through Moscow. Through the FSB.”

There were a lot of political control cases. For example, in one conversation the head of the so-called DPR Denis Pushilin was explained, who will rule the new “government”: “But Moscow approved a closed list. Purgin is not included. Here … you are included. You know. Vice Prime Minister is just included to the Security Council. Sorry guys!”

Some interceptions confirm that Russia also provided military support. In one conversation Alexander Boroday asked: “Vladimir Ivanovich? Tell me, can we use our helicopters?” There are a lot other interceptions concerning military support for the terrorist groups, who acted in the interests of DPR.

JIT called on witnesses who can provide information on topics discussed in the report to contact it representatives, promising to provide the necessary protection.

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