Russia absorbs Belarus

Russian media reported on the creation of a so-called “Union State” of Russia and Belarus by 2022, which look like a confederate state and, in the future, probably Belarus will become Russian autonomous part. It can be approved that this level of state integration is much deeper than in the EU.

Step by step integration have some important components: a unified tax and civil codes unified banking supervision, a single regulator of the oil, gas and energy markets, a common foreign trade regime. In the future, it is possible to introduce a unified monetary system as well as a system of government management.

Only one document and Belarus becomes a part of the “Russian world”: with the dominant Russian language and propaganda television, the lack of its cultural product, and the final destruction of the Belarusian language.

As a result of the unification of both countries, Ukraine receives an additional Kremlin-controlled border, 1084 kilometers away. EU countries, first of all, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, with a total border length of 1252 kilometers, are also in the potential risk zone. Of course, these sections of the border may not necessarily be attacked, but it will create additional stress in the coming years. For this purpose, Putin has already signed the military doctrine of the Union State between Russia and Belarus.


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