Social moods of russian population

How do you think, what does Russian people afraid most of all? War? Illness? Maybe corruption? No. According to the last research, conducted by «Russian Public Opinion Research Center» (OAO «VCIOM»), 68% of Russians are afraid of “social injustice”, “decrease of wages” (63%) and “possible denial of free medical care” (58%). And here we can see the most dangerous trends in Russia social sector: people under social injustice do not have sufficient income to provide basic needs.

But don’t forget, we are talking about the state, which names itself as a “superpower”!

Also the reasons for concern for Russians are “possible increase of food prices” (58%) and “unrest in the country caused by protests against the government/authorities” (39%).

Least of all Russians concerned about the escalation of international conflicts (20%), job loss (35%) and increased crime (36%).

Just imagine, Russians are not afraid of international (military) conflicts and crime, but worried about protests against the state authorities!

Is this not the result of total propaganda?


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